Pathways to Dreaming

 Pathways To Dreaming

Over 100 year eight students from the South-West and Western regions  gathered at the University of Western Sydney’s Campbelltown and Penrith campuses for their first experience of university life. 

Joining the Pathways To Dreaming program will give these students the opportunity to meet and learn from UWS staff and students; Aboriginal elders, educators and community members; and other inspiring people.  They will develop their knowledge, skills and confidence as they progress to the HSC and post-school study.  The program includes mentoring by UWS students and alumni, on-campus academic and cultural enrichment workshops, and design and implementation of a group project each year by the cohort at each school.  Pathways To Dreaming helps school students to set and achieve educational, career and personal goals, and provides valuable experience for UWS students and alumni.   

The program is supported by Bridges to Higher Education (opens in a new window).


23 September 2013

Contact: Tanya Patterson, Media Officer 

Photo By: Nic Smith.