App to the stars: UWS Observatory develops iPhone application

Observatory app 

The University of Western Sydney Observatory has developed an iPhone application to help bring the news of the universe to the palms of the community.

The app is titled ‘UWS Observatory’, is available now for free from the Apple iTunes Store, and, according to Associate Professor Miroslav Filipovic, Director of the UWS Observatory, is a great, hassle free way for the community to stay connected with their local observatory.

“The app is easy to use, provides the most essential information and encourages an interest in astronomical events within and beyond the UWS Observatory,” says Associate Professor Filipovic.

“Community members no longer need to ring us or check our website to find out what is coming up – they can have everything they need delivered to the palm of their hand."

The UWS Observatory app provides an automatically updated calendar detailing both astronomical events, such as eclipses, meteor showers and moon phases, and a list of public astronomy programs being run at the observatory.

The ‘observatory calendar’ includes the scheduled date and time of each of these programs, the topic of the presentation, and a short description of the program theme. Users can also add the events to their personal iPhone calendars from within the app.

The UWS Observatory app also contains details about the observatory itself, including an interactive map showing directions to the facility, entry fees and contact details.

Interested aspiring astronomers can download the app(opens in a new window) and read more about the UWS Observatory.


21 February 2013

Words: Hannah Guilfoyle

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