Teddy Bear Hospital opens at Royal Bathurst Show

Injured teddy bears 

All sick and injured Teddy Bears are invited to a special clinic at the Royal Bathurst Show to receive quality care from local medical and healthcare students.

Consulting Teddiologist and student in the University of Western Sydney School of Medicine, Jacqueline Loprete, says guardians can bring their teddy bears to the Teddy Bear Hospital for checkups, health advice, diagnosis of ailments and even minor surgery.

"A team of highly skilled specialists will be on hand to administer the best medical care for the region's teddy bears," says Ms Loprete who is a 5th year medical student based at the UWS Clinical School at Bathurst Hospital.

"We expect some of the teddies will be arriving with loose limbs, missing eyes or stuffing poking through their fur, but it is important every patient receives a thorough examination and a medical history taken."

Ms Loprete says during each consultation the young guardians will be quizzed about their teddy bears' health including what they eat and whether their bears get regular exercise.

"The Teddy Bear Hospital is great way for bears to receive some TLC but it's also an ideal opportunity for their young guardians to meet medical and healthcare workers outside a clinic or hospital," she says.

"Sometimes meeting a doctor or nurse when you're unwell can be a bit scary but at the Teddy Bear Hospital it's a chance for children to have a friendly chat and receive some good health advice for themselves and their teddies."

UWS medical students will be joined at the Teddy Bear Hospital by nursing, paramedic and physiotherapy students from Charles Sturt University to provide a full service clinic at the Bathurst Regional Show.

Ms Loprete says the Teddy Bear Hospital is an ideal setting for students to practice their communication skills, especially with children.  

"We're expecting some of the bears to present with really challenging symptoms so it's important our staff really connect with children to get a proper diagnosis. We'll also make sure every patient and young guardian leaves understanding the importance of eating well and getting lots of exercise."

The Teddy Bear Hospital at the Royal Bathurst Show will be open everyday:

  • Friday 27 April, 1pm – 3pm,
  • Saturday 28 April, 10am – 4pm
  • Sunday 29 April, 10am – 12pm

Bookings are not required.


24 April 2012

Contact: Paul Grocott, Senior Media Officer