New psychology labs explore the processes of human behaviour

FpB Lab Opening

Professor Joseph Ciarrochi, at the Official Opening of the FpB Research Lab 

The University of Western Sydney has officially opened its Foundational Processes of Behaviour Research Laboratories at the Bankstown campus.

The ‘FpB Research Lab’ is the University’s latest, high-tech research facility, where UWS researchers will investigate the mechanisms of the human brain and the processes that underlie human behaviour.

Professor Kevin Dunn, Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Psychology, welcomed guests to the official opening ceremony on Thursday 9th August 2012.

“The FpB Research Lab will provide a key role in achieving the University’s ongoing goal of conducting world class, cutting-edge research that raises the University’s international research profile,” says Professor Dunn.

“The presence of the Lab on the University’s Bankstown campus will also create learning opportunities for Psychology students. A large teaching area within the facility, outfitted with more than 15 computers, will allow students to participate in real research projects within their tutorials.”

FpB Lab Opening

Professor Ciarrochi and Dr Rebecca Pinkus, inside the FpB Research Lab

Research within the FpB Research Lab will focus on three key strands of Psychology research: Social Processes, Sensory Processes and Associative Learning.

Professor Joseph Ciarrochi from the School of Social Sciences and Psychology, who leads the Foundational Processes of Behaviour Research Group at UWS, says researchers will work to understand the fundamental mechanisms involved in human thinking.

“There are so many things that we do not yet understand, about the ways that the human brain operates and functions,” says Professor Ciarrochi.

“UWS researchers within these new, purpose-built labs will aim to increase our basic knowledge from a psychological perspective, as well as answer applied questions about the human brain and behaviour.”

FpB Lab Opening

Mr Bryan Doyle MP, Member for Campbelltown (right), oversees a research demonstration within the FpB Lab

Specific research themes with the FpB Research Lab include:

  • The role of social cognition in producing supportive close relationships;
  • Effective decision making in older age;
  • The role of mindfulness, acceptance, and value interventions in promoting physical and emotional wellbeing, as well as identifying the causes of social and emotional wellbeing;
  • The role of unconscious learning in prejudice and fear;
  • The influence of the environment in the development of adaptive and maladaptive behaviour patterns;
  • The development of visual abilities and the fundamental mechanisms involved in visual perception; and
  • First and second language speech perception.

The Foundational Processes of Behaviour Research Laboratories are located in Building 24 at the UWS Bankstown campus. For more information, please contact the UWS Media Unit.


16 August 2012

Contact: Danielle Roddick, Senior Media Officer