International scientist visits UWS Campbelltown

A prominent scientist from Tokyo Metropolitan University is currently visiting the University of Western Sydney to conduct collaborative research with the UWS Nanoscale Organisation and Dynamics Group.

Associate Professor Sergei Ketov is the head of the Theoretical High-Energy Physics Laboratory at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering and is travelling as part of his prestigious Australian Endeavour Fellowship. He also works at the Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (IPMU) at the University of Tokyo.

Professor Ketov is working with the Head of the UWS Nanoscale Organisation and Dynamics Group, Professor Bill Price, at the Campbelltown Campus.

"Professor Ketov will be collaborating with my group in the area of mathematical physics and medical physics," Professor Price says.

As part of his visit, Professor Ketov will be conducting a series of three seminars for students and academics who are interested in mathematical physics.

"In the first lecture I will introduce Einstein's theory of General Relativity and its applications to the large-scale structure of our universe within the standard old cosmology model known as the Big Bang theory," says Professor Ketov.

"The second lecture will build on this by introducing the notions of inflation in the early universe, and dark energy and dark matter in the current universe. The possible theoretical solutions to these problems will be discussed, as well as their relation to high-energy particle physics."

High-energy particle physics recently made headlines with the team at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland announcing the discovery of the Higgs Boson – a long awaited development in high-energy particle physics.

Professor Ketov arrived on Friday 3 August and will be visiting the Campbelltown campus for four weeks.

All students and staff are welcome to attend Professor Ketov's next two seminars on Tuesday 21 and Tuesday 28 August.


17 August 2012

Words: Hannah Guilfoyle

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