Research Week stories

Research by Dr Chris Stanton, a roboticist at MARCS

Women and robots, “there’s just no trust”

MARCS researchers are investigating whether the same physical elements that made humans trust one another could be applied to robotics.

Bernadette Brady

Study finds culturally-sensitive treatments for chronic pain more effective

A Western Sydney University study has found that pain is experienced differently between cultures.

Dr Tamara Watson: The secret life of flowers

The secret life of flowers: Why we love them and why we need them

Why are we so attracted to flowers?And what purpose do they serve?

Ian Wright award 2

Impactful research recognised at Western Sydney University

The Research Impact Competition provides the perfect opportunity to showcase high-quality projects making a difference to the community and nation alike.

Master of Research students

Celebrating world-leading research at Western Sydney University

This year’s Research Week activities focus on how the University’s research is making an impact across the areas of environmental sustainability, education, health and wellbeing, and urban living and society.