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Jed Montayre

WHO engages Western researchers to help create age-friendly communities

Western researchers are conducting an important scoping review for the World Health Organisation (WHO), which will inform their efforts to improve health outcomes for the world’s ageing population.

Tech startup program launched to accelerate region

Western Sydney University’s Launch Pad Technology Business Incubator has launched its ‘SydWest Global Connections Tech Start-up’ accelerator program.

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Opinion: Homeschooling boomed last year. But these 4 charts show it was on the rise before COVID

Home education, sometimes called homeschooling, is when children are educated outside a formal institution like a school.

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Opinion: It’s not how big your laser is, it’s how you use it: space law is an important part of the fight against space debris

Space is getting crowded. More than 100 million tiny pieces of debris are spinning in Earth orbit, along with tens of thousands of bigger chunks and around 3,300 functioning satellites.

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Opinion: Less than half of Australian adults know how to identify misinformation online

For most of us, it’s hard to imagine a media-free day. To do these activities regularly and effectively, we need to have at least a moderate level of media literacy.

National study finds disadvantaged Australian adults are the least media literate

Australian adults who live in regional areas, older Australians, people with low levels of education, and people who are living with a disability are more likely to have a lower media ability, a new national study has found.


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