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Opinion: It’s not surprising Indian-Australians feel singled out. They have long been subjected to racism

In the past five years, the number of overseas-born migrants from India grew more than any other group in Australia, increasing from 449,000 to 721,000.


Racism: Stories on fear, hate and bigotry

Sweatshop: Western Sydney Literacy Movement has released a new publication, Racism: Stories on Fear, Hate & Bigotry.

Western Sydney University students to get hands-on in delivery of Powerhouse Parramatta

Western Sydney University students will have the opportunity to play a role in the delivery of NSW’s newest Cultural Institution – the Powerhouse Parramatta.

Western Sydney University Transformation Hub now open for the people of Lithgow

Western Sydney University’s partnership with the people of Lithgow is entering a new phase, with the re-opening of the Charles Hoskins Memorial Institute building on Mort Street.

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Opinion: Planning shake-up needed to help those whose job it is to make NSW a healthy place

You’d be forgiven for asking if living in some parts of New South Wales is actually good for your health. In the past 18 months Australia’s most populous state has been challenged like never before.

Art and science expedition to explore the unique ecology of Moree

Western Sydney University and Bank Art Museum Moree (BAMM) have partnered on a unique art and science expedition that aims to raise awareness for Moree’s distinctive river systems and wetlands.


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