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Western Sydney University healthcare students to help rollout COVID-19 vaccinations

Medical, nursing, paramedicine and other allied health students from Western Sydney University are set to deliver all-important COVID-19 vaccinations to Year 12 students from across Sydney’s south-west and west.

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Opinion: ‘When you get home it’s really lonely’: new research shows how athletes cope with post-Olympic life

With the Olympics drawing to a close, many athletes will begin to turn their attention to a crucial yet daunting question: what’s next?

Western Sydney University’s virtual Open Day a chance to learn why it’s the University that cares more

When prospective students join Western Sydney University’s Open Day on Sunday 15 August some of the many helpful people on hand to welcome them will be friendly faces like Kristi and Sidharth.

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Opinion: ‘I don’t think the police would do much’: new research shows racism during COVID is rarely reported

It’s not “new” news that Asian Australians are experiencing high rates of racism during the pandemic. However, existing data under-represent the true extent of COVID-related racism.

Dancing Ghosts

Dancing ghosts point to new discoveries in the cosmos

Researchers from Western Sydney University and CSIRO have discovered strange clouds of electrons, resembling ghosts, surrounding galaxies deep in the cosmos.

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Opinion: ‘Dancing ghosts’: a new, deeper scan of the sky throws up surprises for astronomers

Scanning through data fresh off the telescope, we saw two ghosts dancing deep in the cosmos. We had never seen anything like it before, and we had no idea what they were.


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