Emergency nurses’ narratives: an intimate encounter with burnout

Researchers at Western Sydney University are investigating what it is like for registered nurses working within busy hospital emergency departments and exploring the issues around stress and burnout.

To better understand this sensitive topic, researchers from the University’s School of Nursing and Midwifery are inviting registered nurses from across the Western Sydney region to take part.

Lead researcher Debbie Hetherington says it is hoped that the study will provide insight into conditions for registered nurses, and hopefully lead to improved conditions and help inform and strengthen education programs.

With the approaching busy holiday period Ms Hetherington says “it is timely to think about the daily experiences for nurses working in an essential, fast-paced and stressful environment.”

Ms Hetherington says they are keen to talk to registered nurses with five or more years’ service who are currently working within an emergency department of a public or private hospital.

The research team is also interested in speaking with registered nurses with five or more years’ experience who have left an emergency department within the last two years.

This research project has human ethics approval from Western Sydney University’s Human Research and Ethics Committee (Approval Number: H12338).

Participants will meet in person with the research team to be interviewed about their experience.

For more information, or you would like to take part in the study please contact Debbie Hetherington on email d.hetherington@westernsydney.edu.au or 0409 643 290.


10 November 2017

Kathryn Bannon, Media Officer