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Lang Walker

$2m scholarship program strengthens Walker Family commitment to Western Sydney

The Walker Family Foundation has pledged funding of over $2 million in a partnership with Western Sydney University to promote educational opportunity and performance.

Elise Kellett

Citizen of the Year for making ‘helping people’ a career

An inspirational alumna has been announced as the winner of the 2021 City of Parramatta ‘Young Adult Citizen of the Year’ award – in recognition of her substantial contributions to the community as a local volunteer and youth worker.

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Opinion: Do men really take longer to poo?

There’s a common assumption men take longer than women to poo. People say so on Twitter, in memes, and elsewhere online. But is that right?

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Opinion: We are the 1%: the wealth of many Australians puts them in an elite club wrecking the planet

Among the many hard truths exposed by COVID-19 is the huge disparity between the world’s rich and poor.

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Opinion: It’s not just cricket: Australia Day isn’t the commercial winner it used to be

Australia Day used to be an obvious and uncontroversial occasion for brands to endear themselves to Australian consumers. No longer.

Western graduate recognised for creative leadership in Blue Mountains

Western Sydney University alumnus Justin Morrissey is using his talents as an established multiplatform producer, curator and writer to support and reshape the creative industries of the Blue Mountains.

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