Wendie Lambert, President, Blacktown Computer Pals

Wendie Lambert, a resident of Blacktown, has been nominated for the 2013 Women of the West Award for outstanding contributions to life in the Blacktown region.

Blacktown Computer Pals is an organisation which provides information technology classes to older residents in the Blacktown area, but also acts as an important community hub for isolated and lonely senior citizens and pensioners.

As the world transitioned into a place where simple tasks such as banking, applying for a job, networking, and staying in touch with family and friends was predominantly done online – Wendie noticed that the older, computer-illiterate members of our community were finding it difficult to access basic services.

From the time that Wendie became involved in Blacktown Computer Pals, the business has grown from a casual operation (unfunded for 13 years) with half a dozen clients and a single teacher, to a professional organisation that utilises state-of-the-art technology and runs 26 classes each week, with 78 volunteer staff.

The classes offered at Blacktown Computer Pals range from scanning, printing, and internet access, to digital photography, image editing and film-making. Clients can also learn to use social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Skype. These classes help older community members, some of whom arrived in Australia after World War II, utilise modern technology and in many cases help them re-connect with long lost family members.

Under Wendie’s leadership, Blacktown Computer Pals also provides assistance to younger job seekers – providing many with the opportunity to gain work experience in their chosen field of Information Technology.

Wendie also has a passion for charitable work, which sees her regularly host and promote special events such as Pink Ribbon Day, White Ribbon Day, and R U OK? Day.

Wendie has been nominated for the 2013 Women of the West Award by Mr John Roberson MP, Member for Blacktown, who states:

“Wendie Lambert is a person who truly understands the importance of community spirit... She has continually impressed me with her incredible commitment to improve the lives of those around her, particularly those at the margins of society.”

“Ms Lambert’s belief in the importance of human contact, community and simply caring about the wellbeing of our fellow human beings is truly inspirational. If there were more people like Wendie Lambert in our community, I have no doubt that we would have significantly less people reporting feelings of sadness and isolation in western Sydney.


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