UWS Community Award recipient: Maria Girdler

Maria Girdler

As CEO of the Macquarie Legal Centre, Maria Girdler has made a major contribution to providing free legal resources for the GWS region.

The Macquarie Legal Centre has operated for over 30 years and without Maria's drive and passion, it would be difficult to maintain the high level of engagement by professional solicitors and support staff in this service to the community. 

In particular, Maria has strongly supported the partnership with the UWS Parramatta Community Justice Clinic. Her personal commitment and advice and support to this project has been immense from its inception in 2009 and continues through its operations.

Maria is a member of the Parramatta Community Justice Clinic steering committee and regularly supports through the Macquarie Legal Centre, the events and activities of the Community Justice Clinic.


Photo: Sally Tsoutas