UWS Community Award recipient: Eric Brocken

Eric Brocken

Eric Brocken, pictured with UWS Chancellor, Professor Peter Shergold


Eric Brocken is the Convenor of the Hawkesbury EarthCare Centre, which serves as a focus and gathering place for people learning and working together for responsible stewardship of the earth.

The EarthCare philosophy is based on the principle that the needs of current generations of Earth inhabitants should be met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. From its beginnings as an experimental organic growing project the Hawkesbury EarthCare Centre has developed into a broad-based sustainable living organisation. It promotes environmentally responsible land use, appropriate technologies for industry and human settlement and the development of healthy and self-reliant communities.

Eric’s role as Convenor is voluntary and he has been involved in the Hawkesbury Earthcare Centre since its inception more that 20 years ago on the Hawkesbury Campus. A large number of schools and community groups visit the demonstration site for tours and to learn a range of sustainable living practices each year.

Eric is an outstanding community role model promoting and representing true regional resilience.


Photo: Sally Tsoutas