UN seat would reflect Australia’s emergence as a middle power, says expert

International law expert, Professor Steven Freeland, from the University of Western Sydney’s School of Law, says Australia’s growth as a middle power would be confirmed with a seat on the United Nations Security Council.
“For Australia, it reinforces our role as an important middle power, and will mean our nation will be in a position to further influence the international response to, and regulation of issues that affect us directly or indirectly,” says Professor Freeland, who is an international law specialist.
“A successful outcome could also have a ‘knock-on’ effect for the Australian public, and see Australians more actively involved in, and aware of matters that are discussed in the United Nations.”
For a number of years, for example, Australia has been involved in Afghanistan, and with other key issues weighing on the national consciousness, such as fighting terrorism, the North Korean weapons program, Iran and violence in Syria, there is a significant benefit to Australia in being able to participate in the discussions and negotiations that take place in the Security Council.

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24 September 2012

Contact: Kristy Gleeson, Media Officer