Experts comment on budget implications for crucial Western Sydney seats

Two experts from the University of Western Sydney are available to comment on the 2012 Federal Budget, what it means for the region, and the country as a whole.

Dr David Burchell is a lecturer in the School of Humanities and Communication Arts, and the author of Western Horizon: Sydney’s Heartland and the Future of Australian Politics and The Prince's New Clothes: Why do Australians Dislike Their Politicians?

“This is a heartland budget designed to avert political disaster at the polls,” says Dr Burchell.

“The idea of rescinding the company tax cut is, when you think about it, a simple way to deal with the budgetary problems without hurting middle Australia.

“In the end it’s an awkward balancing act between maintaining a populist class war rhetoric on the one hand and an economic rectitude on the other, which is a balancing act they’ve been forced into by the polls, much like Obama in the US.”

Dr Kevin Daly, from the School of Economics and Finance, says the budget will provide much needed short term relief for low income families, but is somewhat lacking in providing any longer term vision for families.

“The family payments and the schoolkids bonus are great news for those who are struggling with cost of living pressures, but the reality is that low income earners will have a high propensity to spend these payments immediately on day to day expenses, without having any real long term benefit for the economy,” says Dr Daly.

“Added to this, there’s not much in the budget to stimulate further employment or provide infrastructure and industry assistance to business in areas such as Greater Western Sydney.

“And it completely ignores the problems with the government’s preferred site at Wilton for a new Sydney airport, which is lacking the necessary infrastructure to quickly transport people to the CBD.”


9 May 2012 

Contact: Mark Smith, Media Officer