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How apps and other online tools are challenging racist attacks

In the aftermath of Brexit in the UK and the success of Pauline Hanson in the Australian Senate elections, racism seems to be a more present threat than ever.

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Explainer: what are women’s options for giving birth?

For many women, getting pregnant is the easy part. After that line appears on the pregnancy test, it can be difficult to work out who to visit for care, and where you should have your baby.

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Why are we still scared of seeing two men kissing?

#TwoMenKissing is an act of pride and defiance in the face of violent oppression.

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How citizen scientists discovered a giant cluster of galaxies

It used to be that you had to have years of training before you could participate in cutting-edge science. Now the internet has enabled thousands of people to contribute.


Safety – or profit? The booming business of CCTV and Safer Streets

Closed circuit street cameras have been sold to the community as a way of making us safer, reducing crime and discouraging anti-social behaviour.

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Muhammad Ali rewrote the rule book for athletes as celebrities and activists

Thirty-five years after he threw his last punch in the ring, Ali is still front of mind in any discussion of the most-important sportsman ever.

Dancing 1

Rhythm on the brain, and why we can’t stop dancing

What are the underlying causes of these individual differences in dancing ability? By looking at the way the brain responds to rhythm, we can begin to understand why many of us can’t help but to move to a beat.

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Planned laws undermine native vegetation and biodiversity

The NSW government has released a very controversial piece of draft legislation that will remove restrictions on land clearance and, despite their claims, threaten biodiversity.

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