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Opinion: Brenda Matthews was ripped from a loving family twice. But she was born too late to be officially recognised as Stolen Generations

The woman’s face is in profile, her eyes looking into the distance – or the past, or the future. This is a quiet woman, a thoughtful one; possibly one who also carries sadness in her soul.

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Opinion: A silver lining from the pandemic: how lockdowns helped kids learn the languages their parents speak

None of us is a stranger to the downsides of the pandemic. For families with kids, schools closed during the lockdown, and parents had to manage schooling and working from home.

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Opinion: Pope Francis is recovering from hernia surgery. But what exactly is a hernia?

Pope Francis has had an operation this week to remove a hernia, which his surgeon said had been causing him increasingly frequent pain.

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Opinion: How Saudi Arabia came to be at the centre of a global golf merger

Professional golf – and increasingly world sport – is caught in a sand trap. Not the familiar hazard between fairway and green, but the Middle Eastern desert producing enormous quantities of fossil fuels.

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Opinion: From being mildly late to sucking on people’s tears – what is a ‘beige flag’ on TikTok?

TikTok is one of the most prevalent social media platforms for trend-setting and trend-spotting – particularly within the relationship space.

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Opinion: Hidden carbon: Fungi and their ‘necromass’ absorb one-third of the carbon emitted by burning fossil fuels every year

Beneath our feet, remarkable networks of fungal filaments stretch out in all directions.

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Opinion: The world’s first flowers were pollinated by insects

Plants existed on Earth for hundreds of millions of years before the first flowers bloomed. But when flowering plants did evolve, more than 140 million years ago, they were a huge evolutionary success.

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Opinion: A stunning achievement: Western Sydney University's global No. 1 sustainability ranking

Western Sydney University serves a unique demographic. And that helps explain why it is the best in the world at addressing ESG challenges.

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