Expert opinion

Marina Nehme

Liabilities may be raised from liquidation of Tinkler's Mulsanne Resources

Nathan Tinkler may face action by Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) if the regulator believes he breached his duty.

Peter Phibbs

Western Sydney airport would have significant benefits for the region

An urban planner from the University of Western Sydney has called on the state and federal governments to end the squabbling over where to put Sydney’s second airport.

Professor Michael Adams

James Hardie litigation a staggering cost to the community

A University of Western Sydney corporate governance expert says the final ruling in the James Hardie Industries litigation does provide some broad justice and clarification.

Edmund Fung

Asia Paper narrative not new, still no progress

Professor Edmond Fung says the vision articulated in the Asian Century White Paper is not new, and is yet to be achieved.

Michael Salter

Time will not protect the guilty in cases of child abuse

An expert from the University of Western Sydney says the arrest of Gary Glitter in London should elicit fear in the minds of child sex offenders.

Dallas Rogers

Housos film has lost the plot

UWS researcher Dallas Rogers has criticised the new Housos movie, saying it matters little that the film is a satirical parody because the exaggerated characters and plot reinforce negative public attitudes.

Mridula Chakraborty

Hindi the tip of the subcontinental iceberg

Dr Mridula Chakraborty, UWS Writing and Society Research Centre, responds to the Federal Government's Asian Century White Paper.

Phil O'Neill

Address to Sydney Transport Forum

The Director of the UWS Urban Research Centre, Phillip O'Neill, discusses the transport issues facing Greater Western Sydney.

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