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Foreign aid is vital to many countries

Foreign aid cuts deeply disheartening, says expert

The Federal Government’s decision to cut foreign aid spending in the Budget is disappointing, especially considering substantial amounts of aid money are being used to house asylum seekers.

Phillip O'Neill

How many Barangaroos? The hard task of meeting Western Sydney's employment targets

In a speech to business and government leaders, Professor Phillip O'Neill challenges governments to adopt a new approach to job creation in western Sydney.

Prof James Arvanitakis

Lecturer of the Year to discuss future of Universities

The rise of online courses as well as the financial restructuring of Australia’s tertiary sector have seen new pressures on the university community.

Christine Cole Souce: The Daily Telegraph

Expert hails Federal forced adoption apology

The Federal Government’s formal apology to the tens of thousands of mothers who had their babies taken against their will is an important part of the healing process.

Herb Marsh

Educational Policy on the Run: Teacher effectiveness, university cut-offs, and educational research

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell and Minister of Education Adrian Piccoli apparently want higher cut-offs for entry into university teaching program.

David Rowe Page

Media changes pit a nervous government against a feral press

The Federal Government’s planned media reforms stop far short of the recommendations of its own commissioned major review and inquiry.

Adam Possamai office

New pope reflects Church power shift, says expert

The election of the Catholic Church’s first South American Pope, Francis, indicates the Vatican is reaching out to its global followers.

David Rowe Page

Tabloid or Broadsheet: Does size really matter?

Modifying the dimensions of a newspaper should be an uncontroversial change, but this is far from the case.

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