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Expert says pre-loading at schoolies weekend a dangerous game

Research has found young drinkers are far more likely to ‘pre-load’ on drinks and drugs before heading out to pubs and clubs, and that those who do...(read more)

Michael Salter

Arrests shine light into murky world of child pornography

The arrest of 348 suspected members of a child pornography network has garnered headlines around the world, especially in countries where mass arrests have been made...(read more)

David Rowe

The Ashes: where the indigestible meets the indelible

An Ashes series symbolically ushers in the Australian summer in a manner akin to the loud soundtrack of thrumming cicadas. The media will cover the sporting exploits with forensic intensity...(read more)

Steven Freeland new

Australia's spying in Indonesia not prohibited by international law

The controversies arising from recent revelations that Australia’s intelligence gathering agencies may have spied on Indonesia’s President, his wife...(read more)

Chancellor Peter Shergold

A new future for Western Sydney

"With an even break Western Sydney can create new jobs based on education, skill, research and investment in the ‘intellectual capital’ of an ambitious population," writes UWS Chancellor Professor Peter Shergold...(read more)

Tamara Watson

Does your left brain know what your right brain is thinking?

The idea that creative people use the right side of their brain more than logical people (the left-brained) is an extremely strong meme...(read more)

Tumblr logo

Why Tumblr fosters deep and enduring forms of intimacy online

Young people will always find spaces to call their own. In days gone by, this could have meant meeting up with your friends to hang out...(read more)


‘Good’ migrants and ‘bad’ migrants: the government's policy paradox

In his short period in office so far, prime minister Tony Abbott has been taken to task on two issues with important neighbours...(read more)

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