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What happens when things go pear shaped? The curious case of SPC

The recent attention regarding the difficulties faced by SPC Ardmona has put the spotlight on the ability of accounting standards.

David Rowe

The Ashes: Australian masculinity reborn amid English tumult

After losing three Ashes series on the bounce and following much soul-searching about the decline of its national sporting prowess, Australia is giving England a pounding in the cricket. For many, all is right again with the world.

Keith Parry

Sledging is out of order in the workplace, so why not the sports field?

Picture this scene: you and a colleague sit down for a meeting with your counterparts from another organisation. Before discussions begin, one employee leans over and questions whether you know what you are doing.

Anthony Uhlmann

Why study English? In defence of a discipline

Last month, heads of English departments in universities across Australia formed a new peak body to advocate for the discipline of English. In part, the Australian University Heads of English group was formed to restore a sense of unity and direction to the discipline...(read more)

Parliament House

Appy-Land or Geekistan? The open questions of Open Data

Under Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s watch, the way we engage with government agencies is set to go digital by default...(read more)

David Rowe

Political favours and the rights of TV sport audiences

As the dust settles after a decisive change of government, it is time for the main support players to call in their favours...(read more)

Sally Macarthur

Music is the loser in the quest for 'innovation'

Innovation is much sought after in music. But could the pursuit of the slightly nebulous-sounding “innovation” be driving music in the wrong direction?...(read more)

Ric Lovell

Footballers can’t stand the heat? No sweat – just fix the fixtures

Athletes are paid for pushing their bodies to the limit, but at what stage do we acknowledge that baking hot afternoons might not be the safest time for our sportspeople to ply their trade?...(read more)

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