Assoc. Prof. Gary Dennis

Associate Professor Gary R. DennisDeputy Dean, School of Science and Health
Keywordspolymer, chromatography, diffusion, chemical analysis, surface chemistry
Collaborators (internal)
  • Assoc. Prof. A. Shalliker (SSH)
  • Prof. W.S. Price (SSH)
  • Assoc. Prof. C. Leo (SEng)
  • Dr A. Rahman (SEng)
  • Prof. S. Burgin (SSH)
Collaborators (external)
  • Professor Paul Dastoor (University of Newcastle)
  • Professor Michael James (ANSTO)
  • Dr Warwick Belcher (University of Newcastle)
  • Dr Stephen Holt (Bragg Institute)
Contact DetailsAssociate Professor Gary R. Dennis
Nanoscale Organisation and Dynamics Group | School of Science and Health
Parramatta Campus - Building EHA.1.22
Western Sydney University
Locked Bag 1797, Penrith, NSW, 2751
Phone: [+61 2] 9685 9939

Research Candidates

Current PhD Candidates:

Ms Kristina Eriksson-Scott"Aqueous silane systems for corrosion protection" (since 2009)
Ms Rouba Ballouk #"The production and packaging of antibotics for secretion by Streptomyces species" (since 2011)
Mr David Fania #"The synthesis and use of porous polymer networks in super capacitors" (since 2010)
Ms Danijela Kokic #"Advanced analytical methods for biological analysis" (since 2010)
Mr David Shock #"Selectivity in separations" (since 2008)
Ms Andrea Sosa Pintos #"Destroying soil contamination with high power ultrasound" (PT since 2007)
Mr James Stranger #"NMR studies of molecular dynamics in liquid electrolytes" (since 2012)

Associate Professor Dennis is Co-Supervisor to these students.

Past Group Members:

Dr Marlene van der Sterren2010 - 2013"Assessment of the impact of rainwater tanks on urban run-off quantity and quality characteristics"
Dr Michelle Camenzuli #2010 - 2013"Advances in HPLC column technology"
Dr Gregory Czaban #2009 - 2013"Synthetic studies towards the human telomerase inhibitors the Rubromycins"
Dr Arienne Soliven #2009 - 2013"Exploring the retention characteristics of stationary phases"
Dr Scott Willis #2009 - 2013"Development of brownian ratchets for solution phase chemical separation"
Dr Colleen Milroy #2008 - 2011"Targeted isolations in preparative scale 2DHPLC"
Dr Paul Stevenson #2008 - 2011"In-situ modification of monolithic columns towards improved selectivity & faster separations"
Dr Andrew Norris # "Endocrine disruption assessment using quantitative biomarkers: a case study of Gambusia holbrooki"

Associate Professor Dennis Co-Supervised these students.

Research Interests

My interests are polymer chemistry, surface chemistry and chromatography and I/we are currently working on projects in the following areas;

  • Silane passivation of metals for control of corrosion
  • Brownian ratchets for separation of molecules
  • Synthesis and characterization of new chromatographic surfaces
  • Polymer chromatography
  • Polymers for stabilization of tear films
  • Mechanical properties of polymer nanocomposites
  • UV and EB cured polymer coatings
  • Surface properties of polymer Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett films
  • Effect of molecular shape on polymer diffusion
  • Analysis of endocrine disruptors in waste waters
  • Surface chemistry of red mud after high power ultrasound
  • Use of high power ultrasound for remediation of dioxins
  • The effects of rainwater detention on water quality in the Hawkesbury catchment
  • Production and optimisation of Bioconcrete