Student ID cards.

Once you've completed your enrolment, you can visit any Student Central to get your student ID card. You need to bring your student ID number with you, as well as a current driver licence, passport or other photo ID.

It should only take five minutes for your card to be prepared.

If you're a Western Sydney University Online or distance education student, complete the external student ID card application form, available on the forms page or from any Student Central.

Follow the instructions carefully, particularly about the correct way to provide your photograph.

You can submit your form by:
  • Posting the completed form and photograph to Student Central, Western Sydney University, Locked Bag 1797, PENRITH NSW 2751
  • Visiting any Student Central location on campus

You must have a student ID card and have it with you whenever you are on campus. It's used for library and photocopier services, access to campus computer labs and for identification while on campus and in exams.

It is a misconduct offence for a student to refuse or is unable to identify themselves when asked to do so by a university officer (for example, campus security or an exam supervisor).

If your card is lost or stolen, you'll need to pay a $26.25 replacement fee using the Onestop payment system. There's no fee if your card is malfunctioning or if you've changed your name, but you must return the previous card or you'll to pay the $26.25 fee.

To collect your replacement card, take your Onestop receipt to a Student Central. You must attend Student Central in person.