Parking permits.

Daily Parking Permits.

If you’re planning on driving to uni occasionally, pay and display and scratch and display permit machines are located on each campus. 

Half-Yearly or Annual Permits.

If you’ll be driving regularly, there’s a range of half-yearly or annual parking permits that may be a better option. 

Types of Permits.

General Yellow parking permits allow you to park in any yellow bay on any campus, but please note: there are no yellow bays at Parramatta South campus.

Restricted Orange parking permits allow you to park on campus outside of peak hours (after 5.30 pm and before 5.30 am). You can park in any yellow, blue or red bay – but not during peak hours. 

Communal Blue parking permits allow you to park in blue or yellow parking bays on campus. Blue parking bays are usually closer to buildings than yellow bays. Blue permits are limited so apply now.

Dedicated Red parking permits allow you to park in the red parking bay that’s been assigned to you during peak hours only. You can also park in yellow or blue parking bays on any campus. For guaranteed parking all day every day, you’ll need to purchase a Dedicated Red with bollard permit. 

You’ll need to apply for a permit code to purchase a Red Permit (with or without a bollard).  

You can purchase Yellow, Orange or Blue permits or Red Permits (with a permit code) online from OneStop.