Molecular Medicine

The Molecular Medicine Research Group (MMRG) aims to translate internationally-recognized cellular, molecular and behavioural science expertise at WSU into biotechnology and clinical outcomes.

The MMRG approach is underpinned by the 'bed-to-bench-to-bed' paradigm whereby an intimate knowledge of patient (and industry, government, community) needs drives research aimed at providing tangible solutions to these needs.

MMRG research activities are organised into three inter-related themes that exploit strong relationships with local hospitals, the Ingham Applied Medical Research Institute and the Western Sydney and South Western Sydney Local Health Districts:

  • Cancer Biology
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Neural/Sensory Biology.

These themes are underpinned by cutting-edge human pluripotent stem cell and regenerative medicine expertise that provides access to normal and diseased human cell types for more relevant investigations.

The mission of the MMRG is:

  • To improve the long-term health and well-being of Australians by applying innovative and powerful techniques to better understand the causes and potential new treatments of debilitating diseases.
  • To train the next generations of biomedical researchers with highly diverse skill sets relevant to modern medical research.

The MMRG goals include:

  • To consolidate and grow the existing portfolio of local, national and international research excellence by pursuing jointly-funded initiatives with a breadth of research-intensive national and international centres.
  • To increase industry engagement in MMRG research projects to help accelerate translation of MMRG research discoveries into clinical and biotechnology outcomes.