Jumna Wal

Jumna Wal - The Aboriginal Men's Health Information and Resource Centre

JumnaWalJumna Wal commenced in 2011. The traditional owners of the land around Richmond and the Hawkesbury are the Darug tribe, and "Jumna Wal is Darug for "We Care".

Based on this principle, Jumna Wal aims to become a place where the stories and experiences of Aboriginal men on parole can be shared and collated.  It is designed as a safe, welcoming place where these men can feel comfortable and welcomed.

The project evolved from the 'Revolving Door' concept which explored ways to beat the cycle of recidivism, the pattern of continually returning to prison when it becomes a safer, more certain place than the outside world.

The Jumna Wal Program

Jumna Wal consists of nine sessions run over nine weeks.  The program brings interested participants to the UWS Hawkesbury campus each week and consists of a forum-style session with speakers from relevant organisations such as Housing NSW, CentreLink and Drug & Alcohol Centres.

Physical Health Checks
Wentworth Housing & NSW Housing
Drugs & Alcohol
Living Skills & Budgeting
Roads & Traffic Authority
Family Law & Criminal Law
Employment Services
3-Day Cultural Camp