Research and Projects

Researching and Developing The Future Of Men's Health

MHIRC undertakes a variety of research and development projects across a variety of themes.  MHIRC has a wide range of capabilities in the field of male health, and we work with a group of trusted partners in providing services to organisations interested in furthering male health in Western Sydney.

Our capabilities include:

  • Research:  MHIRC undertakes contract research services for government and non-government organisations interested in developing a better insight into the details of men in their communities.  MHIRC partners with Argyle Research (opens in a new window) to undertake projects for clients such as Council for the Ageing, NSW Health and local councils.
  • AdvisoryMHIRC is in a unique position to provide trusted and detailed advice and insight to decision-makers and policy developers. MHIRC has a significant library of men's health resources. MHIRC regularly provides commentary, policy submissions and liaison on forums for organisations such as FACHSIA, the NSW Ombudsman, NSW Health, Housing NSW and numerous other organisations.
  • Media and communications developmentMHIRC provides support for organisations running men's health events to facilitate media awareness and interest. MHIRC has delivered media support and advisory for the National Men's Gathering since 2001, Men's Health Week since 2003 and many other occasions.