Overview of the Men's Health Research Area

The Men's Health Information and Resource Centre focuses on the wellbeing of men and boys, in particular disadvantaged men, the perspective being the social determinants of men's health from a salutogenic view point (the framework of Aaron Antonovsky) . This has led to work on male suicide and the health of Indigenous men and the setting up of  The Shed in Mount Druitt, a drop in centre for men at risk of suicide in Western Sydney. The work is supported by the Commonwealth Department of Health. Current projects include research on Apprehended Violence Orders, research into men's attitudes towards Interpersonal Violence and the experience of Indigenous men who have been incarcerated.
Professor Macdonald is consultant to the Ten to Men (opens in a new window) study, the national longitudinal study of male health,  and one of the two patrons of the National Australian Men's Shed Movement.


Professor John Macdonald
Research Expertise and interests: the social determinants of male health.
(02) 4570 1123,

Dr Tinashe Dune, (Collaborating researcher)
Research Expertise and interests: Dr Tinashe Dune's research, teaching and publications focus on sexual marginalization and health inequities.
(02) 4620 3655,

Mr Rick Welsh
MHIRC, Coordinator, the Shed, Mt Druitt,
Research Interests: Indigenous men and the law, social determinants of Aboriginal health.
(02) 4570 1712,

Current Research Candidates and Topics

Janet Dune
Men addressing male violence in Western Sydney
Supervised by: Professor John Macdonald, Co-supervisors: Dr. Virginia Mapedzahama, Dr Rebecca O'Reilly

Paul Campbell
The experience of male victims of domestic violence.
Supervised by: Professor John Macdonald, Co-supervisor: Dr Jeanna Sutton

Nicole Peel
Can leisure raise aspirations for disabled children?
Supervised by: Professor John Macdonald, Co-supervisor: Dr Neil Hall

Lynne Dowd
The experience of male carers of partners with dementia.
Supervised by: Dr Neil Hall, Co-supervisor: Dr Kate Huppatz

Past Research Candidates and Topics

Elizabeth Jasprizza
Men and Community Health in Western Sydney.
Supervised by: Professor John Macdonald, Co-supervisors Dr Vanessa Rose, Dr Anthony Brown

Luckman Hlambelo
Impact of Men's Sheds on the Health and Wellbeing of the Men Involved: A Biopsychosocial Study.
Supervised by: Professor John Macdonald. Co-supervisors Dr Andrew Fleming, Dr Bobby Cheema

Contact Person

For more information about the research area, please contact Professor John Macdonald, or phone (02) 4570 1123