Your Experiences during COVID-19

Research into Men's Mental Health During COVID-19

Calling all Australian men! The Australian Men’s Health Forum and Western Sydney University are looking to hear from Aussie men about their experiences of mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are also particularly interested to hear about the experiences from men who are fathers and/or family providers.You will have the opportunity to receive one of four $50 gift vouchers as a random prize draw from completing this survey and providing your contact details.

A research project conducted by Dr Neil Hall (WSU) and Glen Poole (AMHF) is currently looking for participants 18yrs and older to participate in an online survey and an online interview. Participation in the anonymous online survey can be done by following this link.

This study has been approved by the Western Sydney University Human Research Ethics Committee. The Approval number is H14693.

For further details about the study and expression of interest in participating in the online interview, please contact

Dr. Neil Hall by email at

Click here to participate in a survey about your experiences of mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic