Telling the stories of men and their health

Health is by nature a complex and fluid topic. There is no one definition of what health means, although MHIRC has a definition of our view of men's health.

Gaining acceptance of a broader definition of male health is one of our major goals. For so long, health has been regarded in terms of medical, clinical or behavioural factors that make a person 'healthy' or 'sick'.

MHIRC and many others in the men's health sector have championed a view of health as being about a man's engagement with his environment and life context, so that health becomes a bit like a roadmap that considers the many factors that come into play throughout life.

Diagram of the Health Communications process 
The way we explain men's health helps us to show the many different aspects and angles that make up health.

MHIRC's communications unit uses a variety of tools and messaging platforms to convey views of men's health. MHIRC's communications align with our objective to shift the health culture towards a holistic view of men's health.