Arguing For Improvements In Men's Health

Healthy males mean healthy communities.

MHIRC is a major advocate for promoting the health of males as the basis for healthy and successful families and communities. MHIRC uses the term 'salutogenesis' (Antonovsky et al) which means a view of health that is about focusing on factors that support health and well-being rather than on illness. Men’s health is therefore a focus on the positive aspects of men, boys and what makes them healthy.

Our programs, projects and initiatives support this ethos by supporting and strengthening the ability of men to be resilient in good times and bad. The basis of The Shed project at Mount Druitt is to strengthen the connections that local residents can have to their culture, to essential services like housing, legal aid, and financial assistance, and to their local community. All these activities can be seen as being Social Determinants Of Health.

MHIRC advocates for better men’s health through a variety of committees, partnerships and events and has developed a solid reputation for expertise and effective consultation. Professor John Macdonald and Dr Anthony Brown are leading members of:

Professor John Macdonald meets Kevin Rudd, then Prime Minister, and Warren Snowdon, Minister for Health and Ageing