Our Work

Advocating for men's health in Australia

MHIRC designs, develops and supports research and projects that enhance the health and well-being of men and boys in a variety of contexts.

We work on a wide array of projects and initiatives for a number of organisations, all of which expand the knowledge and insight into how different groups of males are impacted by social and environmental factors.

Image of Professor John Macdonald meeting then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Minister for Health Warren Snowdon
Professor John Macdonald discusses men's health with then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Minister for Health, the Hon. Warren Snowdon 

MHIRC informed development of the 2010 National Male Health Policy, a truly landmark evolution for the male health agenda in Australia.  For the first time, policy makers put in place a policy that addressed the major life factors that give rise to health, rather than seeing health in terms of illness and bad behaviours that must be reduced.  


MHIRC conducts funded projects on behalf of several organisations.  Our projects serve the needs of organisations that need access to improved information and knowledge about men and their health, and they take a variety of approaches from research, analysis, communications and development of systems.


Part of our role is to provide research and commentary on the issue of men's health in Australia.  We are regularly interviewed on news media and are well-regarded as expert commentators in the male health agenda.

Because part of our goal is to shift the culture from a focus on illness and pathology towards a rounded and balanced approach to the causes of men's health, we implement a proactive approach to communicating and exploring the issues that drive men's health in Australia.


Part of our work is to be prominent advocates for improving men's health in all its forms.  

By working closely with policy makers, providing evidence-based insight into men's health topics and using media and communications tools to raise awareness of issues, we inform and influence the way that men's health is delivered into the community at a policy level.


We regularly run events that promote men's health in the community, from seminars and conferences to committees.  

We have been inspired by the rise in men's health events throughout Australia, especially during Men's Health Week, and this reflects the growing awareness that a community whose boys and men are well-supported is one that is successful.


Based out at the beautiful Hawkesbury campus of Western Sydney University, we have two offices on this campus.  

One of the offices is to home to Jumna Wal, the Aboriginal Men's Health Information and Resource Centre.  

We also run The Shed at Mount Druitt.  

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