Delivering Men's Health Projects Into The Community

MHIRC runs a series of events and campaigns throughout the year to raise awareness of male health issues and shed light on important areas that need attention.

Men's Health Week

A Week Of Focus On Men's Health Worldwide During June

International Men's Health Week is celebrated every year around the world in the middle of June. It is an important opportunity to highlight men's health and what it means to be healthy.

Through a series of promotions, events and publicity around the country, Men's Health Week is designed to provoke thought and discussion about what needs to be done to improve male health.

Delivered By Western Sydney University

The Men's Health Information and Resource Centre as part of the Western Sydney University, School of Health and Science is very proud to lead and deliver Men's Health Week in Australia.

Our close connections with community and government organisations across Australia enable us to develop the kinds of networks and partnerships that bring together people who care about better health for men and boys.

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Engaging Services To Engage Men

Men's Health Week works on the understanding that the best people to improve men's health in Australia are those who live, work and play alongside men and boys in communities around the country.

To support their efforts to engage with men and boys, the Men's Health Week website provides tools and functionality that promotes their events and provides clear contact details so that interested people can find out what is happening and who to talk to.

>Event organisers receive special event packs to support their efforts in engaging local men and boys and help them run successful events.

Visit the Men's Health Week website to find out more about the week (opens in a new window) 

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National Male Health Gathering

National Male Health Gathering 2013

The 2013 National Male Health Gathering will be held in Brisbane from 22-25 October 2013.

Under them theme "Blazing A Trail To Healthier Men And Communities", the conference will bring together leading researchers, practitioners and educators in the field of male health from around the world. 

More information is available at the conference website (opens in a new window) 

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Mental Health And Wellbeing Month

UWS hosts a series of on-campus events for Mental Health Month in October each year.

MHIRC provides support and information about men and mental health at these events. 

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Boys2Men@TheCrossroads - Engaging Boys And Young Men In Health-Promoting Programs

The Boys2Men seminar held in Sydney on may 2nd was hugely successful. Thank you to all presenters and guests for making this a very special day.

This unique seminar focused on the transition of boys to young men and showcased some of the great programs that are engaging with young men for fantastic results.

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Presenters included:

Jonathan Nicholas - CEO Inspire Foundation

Jonathan-Nicholas-CEO-Inspire-FoundationInspire Foundation is the organisation behind the youth mental health service Jonathan has been CEO of Inspire Australia since 2010 having worked for the organisation since it was founded in 1997. He has an Honours degree in psychology and a Masters of Public Health and much of his career has focussed on understanding how technology can be used to improve the well-being of children and young people.

Prior to becoming CEO of Inspire Australia, Jonathan was the Founding CEO of Inspire Ireland Foundation and part of the development team that launched Inspire in the US. He has also consulted on projects for AusAid and UNICEF to improve the human rights of children in Indonesia and Cambodia.

Jane Higgins - Odyssey Foundation

"My goal is to offer engaging, informative and empowering workshops that assist boys to challenge the social construction of masculinity and transform it into a new, positive definition of who they really are and who they want to be. I believe it is paramount that we offer boys an alternative and assist them in being responsible and healthy world citizens."

Jane has created The Odyssey Program because she believes that today's education of our boys is primarily directed towards their academic and sporting capabilities, and little attention is paid to their emotional domain.

The program was developed to fill this void and is unique in its choice of contemporary topics, delivery style, student involvement, and its focus on teaching transferable life skills. 

Charlie Fruean - South-West Multicultural Community Centre

Charlie and Mal Fruean have created an amazing program that engages young at-risk men through practical programs. Their Waka canoe project (opens in a new window) is widely recognised as being the kind of program that builds the lives of young men in Western Sydney.

Find out more about how they engaged young men in this amazing project and some of the lessons they can share in working with young people in a positive way.

Tony Holland - CEO OzHelp Foundation 

The OzHelp Foundation is a not for profit, community based mental health support organisation with a focus on suicide prevention in industry workplaces. Built on a vision to enhance the resilience of workers, the OzHelp Foundation also seeks to strengthen the influence and support of leaders within industry, community and corporate groups.

Through programs like the Tradies Tune-Up and other initiatives directed at tradesman and construction industry personnel, OzHelp will share their insights and advice on engaging young men in early-career trades and industries.

Facilitator Peter Slattery

I work with young people, especially those having a hard time of life, and all that goes with this territory, and I work with those who are in the lives of young people, their friends and families and communities. And I also train and supervise the many and varied professional workers who at times touch the lives of young people.

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The 'How And Wise of Working With Men And Boys' Symposium

On Thursday 5th July 2012, UWS held its first symposium dedicated to bringing together colleagues from across the university.

Colleagues from a variety of schools and disciplines presented their work on topics as diverse as sport, music, education, hobbies and raising boys.

Resources available:

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