Multiplying and Dividing Integers

It is important that you are confident when multiplying and dividing integers. There are some basic rules for multiplication and division of integers.

Division of integers does not always result in an integer answer. For example $5$ divided by $2$ is $2.5$, which is not an integer.

Note: The "$/$" symbol is sometimes used, particularly in computer programming, for division in place of the $\div$ symbol. But beware, this symbol ($/$) can mean something slightly different when writing programs which use integers.

Do you know the rules for multiplication and division of integers?

Try these questions.

$9 \times 4=$
$5 \times (-7)=$
$(-6) \times (-2)=$
$(-1)\times 0=$
$(-5)\times (-2) \times 12=$
$(-1) \times (-1) \times (-1)=$
$50 \div 5=$
$0 \div (-2)=$
$-35 \div 7=$
$(-45) \div (-9)=$