About Mathematics Used in Construction

The construction management program does not require you to study any specific mathematics unit. Nevertheless, there is some form of maths that underpins much of the work that happens in the construction industry. From setting out a building on site to calculating quantities and costs, from determining floor space ratios to ordering materials, there is a lot of everyday practical arithmetic and mathematics. These web pages will help you to manage some of these things. It will be particularly useful if you did not do much maths at school or if that was some time ago.

The following pages provide a snapshot of the mathematical content areas you will encounter in your construction studies. The following topics are presented using real-world examples that appear frequently in the field:

Fractions and decimals

Basic algebra

Measurement and conversion

Area and volume


Ratio, proportions and scale

Tolerance and error

Cost calculations

Area formulas

Volume formulas

Right angle trigonometry