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Practice Questions

  1. At the end of the 2012 financial year, a group of friends had to pay the following income tax. What was the average tax payable for the group?
    John     \$12,500
    Peter    \$14,760
    Lucy     \$13,870
    Karen   \$  9,780
    Aaron   \$17,980
  2. A company wants to know its average net profit in the last three years and has the following information:
    2012 - \$67,300
    2011 - \$54,879
    2010 - \$48,214
  3. There are 55 males and 11 females in a lecture room. What is the ratio of males to females?
  4. After a final exam, 35 students received a credit and 15 passed. What is the ratio of students receiving a credit to students receiving a pass?
  5. A company has current liabilities of \$45,976 and current assets of \$78,900. What is the company's current ratio?

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