News and Young Australians in 2020

Between February 28 and March 16 2020 we surveyed a nationally representative sample of 1,069 young Australians aged 8-16 years to understand their news engagement practices and experiences. This survey repeats and extends a survey we carried out in 2017.

The analysis shows that in the three years since we undertook our first survey of young Australians’ news practices and experiences, while some findings have remained constant, there have also been some significant changes.

In the report we explain the following key findings:

  • Social news consumption is a significant trend that requires attention
  • Young Australians do not trust news media organisations
  • Misinformation and disinformation is not being challenged by many young Australians
  • Adults need to initiate supportive conversations with young Australians about news
  • There is an urgent need to support media literacy initiatives, in and out of school
  • Many young Australians regularly consume news, and care about its future

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