MCAE 35 Years - Terms and Conditions

Milperra Stories Consent  - Terms and Conditions

You acknowledge and agree that by submitting your stories, documents, photos and other files  ("Your Material") to Western Sydney University ("us" "we") via this MCAE 35 Share a Story website that you do hereby give permission and consent for us to use, reproduce, adapt, reformat and edit Your Material in official Western Sydney University documents, publications and websites for the promotion of the Bankstown (Milperra) Campus including: Western Sydney University web sites, University newsletters, newspapers and promotional material.  You hereby waive any claim for payment for use of Your Material as used by us in accordance with these terms.

We may not use Your Material, but if we do, it is agreed that the use of Your Material shall in no way be used in any other forum other than for official Western Sydney University business for the promotion of the Western Sydney University Bankstown (Milperra) Campus and its history.

You agree to waive any right to inspect or approve the format in which Your Material may be used whether on its own or in connection with other material supplied by others or the final use to which Your Material may be applied, provided that it is solely used for the benefit of Western Sydney University. You hereby release us from any infringement or violation of personal and or property rights of any sort whatsoever based upon the use of Your Material in accordance with these terms.

Unless you specifically tell us at the time of submission by you, we will not return any of Your Material to you, regardless of whether we use it or not.

If we agree to use Your Material, we agree to provide an acknowledgement of thanks for the source of Your Material where it is used by the University in accordance with these terms and conditions. The acknowledgement will be in a form which is reasonably determined by us and will depend on the format and manner in which Your Material may be used.