Bankstown Campus - Celebrating 35 Years

35 Years since opening of Milperra College of Advanced Education

In 2010 the Western Sydney University Bankstown Campus celebrated 35 years since it began as Milperra College of Advanced Education (MCAE) in 1975, when the first students commenced their course in the School of Teacher Education at this location.

MCAE35: Share-a-Story website

The MCAE35 Share-a-Story website has been set up as part of these celebrations, and we hope that you will spread the word amongst former staff and students of MCAE about the events and about this website.

MCAE Commemorative Award

We would like to honour those staff who were instrumental in establishing Bankstown Campus. We thought of several ways of doing this and finally decided to provide an ongoing MCAE Commemorative Award. This award will recognise the achievements of top students in Education and Social Work / Social Welfare, who are continuing the tradition of excellence and commitment to their field started by those staff in the initial years of MCAE. Therefore we are seeking donations to support the MCAE Commemorative Award which will be valued at $500 per year.

Were you part of the Milperra College of Advanced Education?

If so, we would love to hear your stories about life at MCAE in the early days!

There are three ways of sending us your stories and memories to be enjoyed and kept for posterity:
1.    Enter your story online.
2.    Send in hard copy to Deirdre Russell-Bowie, PO Box 81, Milperra NSW 2214 and it can be scanned or typed in to appear on the webpage
3.    Read through the stories on the website, and respond with your comments or add your memories!