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Please complete the form below to request placement of an ad in a print publication.

Please note that requests for print advertising must be submitted strictly no later than four (4) weeks before publication date. We require this time to liaise with you about your requirements, book in the advertisement, design the advertisement and allow time for proofreading and approvals. Requests submitted with less than four weeks until publication date will not be actioned. Requests submitted which do not adhere to this timeframe will not be actioned.

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*Please note this delegated officer will be responsible for final approval of the advertisement on behalf of the unit.
*Our unit agrees to pay for the services of an external proofreader, using the cost centre details above.
Please note that this fee will vary depending on the size of the job, but will generally fall between $30 and $150.


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(Please note that once this request is submitted, no further text changes can be made, except recommendations made by the Office of Marketing and Communication, and an external proofreader.)

Please refer to the chart below which details the next steps in booking print advertising in a publication.

Chart Booking Steps