OMC Banner Booking Request

Please complete the below form to book promotional banners through the Office of Marketing and Communication.

Please Note: Fields marked with "*" below are mandatory and must be filled in.

Due to the university's COVID-19 response, we are currently not accepting new banner requests. For more information, please contact Marina Shakshouk

You will receive a second confirmation email advising you whether the items you have requested are available and the pickup location.

Banner Loan Terms and Conditions

Banner Collection

  • - Banners must be collected on the date nominated in the booking request. If banners are unable to be collected on this date, the Office of Marketing and Communication must be informed ASAP.
  • - Only persons who are physically able to carry banners should be sent to collect and return banners, with other members of their team to assist if necessary. Please note that OMC staff will not be able to assist in the manual handling of banners.
  • - Please ensure that banners being collected are in the correct bag by cross referencing the sticker on the base of the banner with the tag on the outside of the bag.

Banner Returns

  • - Banners must be returned on the nominated date, to ensure that other bookings are not affected. If a banner is not returned on the nominated day, there will be a $50 late fee for every day banners are late, charged to the cost centre nominated on the OMC Banner Request Form.
  • - When returned, banners must be placed neatly in the Banner Collection/Return Area, with the borrower's name clearly labelled.

Damage to Banners

  • - Should a banner be damaged or broken at the time of collection, report this immediately to OMC Staff. If a report of damaged or broken banners is only received upon return, OMC will assume damage occurred during the loan period.
  • - Any damage caused to banners during a loan period will be paid for from the cost centre nominated on the OMC Banner Request Form.

Should you need to amend or cancel your booking, please let OMC know immediately.