Research Calendar of Events

2021 MARCS Research Development Workshop Schedule

Feb 16th: Summer intern presentations (interns)

March 16th: Understanding the grants process (Peter & Karen) emphasis on MARCS and WSU processes

March 30th: Applying for NIH funding by Jorge Serrador (to be followed by half day workshop tba)

April 27th: Crafting a strong narrative – ROPE (Ria Hamblett from the library)

April 28th: (postponed, date tba): Half day workshop presented by Jorge Serrador on securing NiH funding for your project

May 18th: Project Management (Library on Research Direct and data management; Moufid Atme post award/Darlene on setting up projects and managing budgets)

June 22nd: Research Impact Competition (5 competitors from MARCS researchers)

July 13th: Strategic career planning Hannah Sarvasy/Celia Harris

August 3rd: Ned Rossiter on ARC College of Experts advice on applying for ARC schemes

August 17th: Concept Pitch event

September 14th: Budget writing workshop (REDI)

September 28th: NHMRC workshop with Ben Dowswell, Gen Steiner tbc

October 19th: ERA (Gary Long)

November 23rd: CV and Cover letting writing (Leone Cripps)

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