2021 Publications

Below is a record of published work from The MARCS Institute researchers in 2021. You can also find a full listing of publications on the MARCS Institute Google Scholar page. (opens in a new window)

Journal Articles

Krista Byers-Heinlein, Angeline Sin Mei Tsui, Christina Bergmann, Liquan Liu. et al (2021)
A Multilab Study of Bilingual Infants: Exploring the Preference for Infant-Directed Speech.
Sage Journals

Annette Bohn, Rikke L. Bundgaard-Nielsen,
Not “WEIRD” but Truly Different: Cultural Life Scripts and Autobiographical Memory in Indigenous Australia,
Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition, 2021,

Xu, Y., Afshar, S., Wang, R., Cohen, G., Singh Thakur, C., Hamilton, T. J., & van Schaik, A. (2021).
A Biologically Inspired Sound Localisation System Using a Silicon Cochlea Pair.
Applied Sciences, 11(4), 1519.

Ching, A. S. M., Kim, J., & Davis, C. (2021).
Time course of the unmasked attentional blink.
Psychophysiology, 58(1), e13686.

Cappuccio, M.L., Sandoval, E.B., Mubin, O. et al.
Robotics Aids for Character Building: More than Just Another Enabling Condition.
Int J of Soc Robotics 13, 1–5 (2021)

Paas, A., Novembre, G., Lappe, C., & Keller, P. E. (2021).
Not all Errors are Alike: Modulation of Error-Related Neural Responses in Musical Joint Action.
Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience.

Nathan Caruana & Kiley Seymour (2021)
Bottom-up processing of fearful and angry facial expressions is intact in schizophrenia, Cognitive Neuropsychiatry
Cognitive Neuropsychiatry, 1-16.

Brady, B., Andary, T., Pang, S. M., Dennis, S., Liamputtong, P., Boland, R., Middleton, P.,... & Chipchase, L. (2021).
A mixed-methods investigation into patients’ decisions to attend an Emergency Department (ED) for chronic pain
Pain Medicine.

Berry, T. M., & Moustafa, A. A. (2021).
Osteoporosis and the effect of dysregulation of the transsulfuration pathway via taurine on intracellular calcium homeostasis, vitamin D absorption and vitamin K absorption.
Clinical Nutrition ESPEN.

Elvin, J., Williams, D., Shaw, J. A., Best, C. T., & Escudero, P. (2021).
The Role of Acoustic Similarity and Non-Native Categorisation in Predicting Non-Native Discrimination: Brazilian Portuguese Vowels by English vs. Spanish Listeners.
Languages, 6(1), 44.

Smit, E. A., & Milne, A. J. (2021).
The Need for Composite Models of Music Perception: Consonance in Tuning Systems (Familiar or Unfamiliar) Cannot Be Explained By a Single Predictor.
Music Perception: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 38(3), 335-336.

Taylor, J. R., Milne, A. J., & Macritchie, J. (2021). New musical interfaces for older adults in residential care: assessing a user centred design approach. Disability And Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology 1-13.

Dwyer, A., de Almeida Neto, A., Estival, D., Li, W., Lam-Cassettari, C., & Antoniou, M. (2021).
Suitability of Text-Based Communications for the Delivery of Psychological Therapeutic Services to Rural and Remote Communities: Scoping Review.
JMIR mental health, 8(2), e19478.

Cappuccio, M. L., Sandoval, E. B., Mubin, O., Obaid, M., & Velonaki, M. (2021).
Robotics Aids for Character Building: More than Just Another Enabling Condition.
International Journal of Social Robotics volume 13, pages1–5 (2021)

Taylor, J. R., & Dean, R. T. (2021).
Influence of a continuous affect ratings task on listening time for unfamiliar art music
Journal of New Music Research, 1-17.