2009 Publications

Below is a record of published work from The MARCS Institute academics. You can also find 2016 works by following the link, http://bit.ly/MARCSPubs2009


Dean, R. (2009).  The Oxford Handbook of Computer Music, ISBN: 978195331615

Stevens, C., Schubert, E., Kruithof, B., Buckley, K. & Fazio, S. (2009).  
Proceedings of International Conference on Music Communications Science ICoMCS2, ISBN:978-1-74108-203-6

Paine, G. (2009).  Unencumbered Human Movement in Interactive Immersive Environments,
ISBN: 0781445204574

Book Chapters

McKechnie, S., & Stevens, C. J., (2009).  Visible thought: choreographic cognition in creating, performing, and watching contemporary dance, Contemporary Choreography, 38-51, ISBN: 9780415490870

Bohn, O-S. & Bundgaard-Nielsen, R. (2009).  Second Language Speech Learning with Diverse Inputs.  In T Piske & M Young-Scholten (Eds.), Input Matters in SLA (pp 207-218), Multilingual Matters.

McKechnie, S., & Stevens, C. (2009). Knowledge unspoken: contemporary dance and the cycle of practice-led research, basic and applied research, and research-led practice In H. Smith & R. Dean (Eds). Research-led practice and practice-led research, p.84-103, Edinburgh University Press. ISBN: 9780748636297.

Paine, G. (2009).  Noise and Texture, Towards an Asian-Influence Composition Approach to the Concert Flute, Music of the Spirit: Asian-Pacific Musical Identity, p.135-144, ISBN: 9780909168650

Dean, R., Bailes, F., Brennan, D. (2009).  Microtonality, the Octave, and Novel Tunings for Affective Music, Music of the Spirit: Asian-Pacific Musical Identity, p.124-134, ISBN: 9780909168650

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Dean, R. (2009).  The Many Futures of Computer Music, The Oxford Handbook of Computer Music, p3-7, ISBN: 978195331615

Journal Articles

Paine, G., (2009). Toward Unified Design Guidelines for New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Organised Sound, 14(2), p.142-155, ISSN: 1355-7718

Drummond, J., (2009). Understanding Interactive Systems, Organised Sound, 14(2), p.124-133, ISSN: 1355-7718

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Stevens, C., Schubert, E., Haszard Morris, R., Frear, M., Chen, J., Healey, S., Schoknecht, C., & Hansen, S. (2009).  Cognition and the Temporal Arts: Investigating audience response to dance using PDAs that record continuous data during live performance, International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 67(9), 800-813, ISSN: 10715819

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Best, C.T., Tyler, M.D., Gooding, T.N., Orlando C.B. & Quann, C.A.. (2009). Development of Phonological Constancy - Toddlers' Perception of Native- and Jamaican-Accented Words. Psychological Science, 20(5), pp 539-542.

Best, C.T., & P.A. Hallé (2009). Listeners' revelations about the phonetic bases for phonological distinctions: Perception of voicing in non-native lateral onsets differing in gestural organization.  Journal of Phonetics, In press.

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Conference Proceedings – Fully Refereed

McDougall, S., Forsythe, A., Isherwood, S., Petocz, A., Reppa, I. & Stevens, CJ. (2009). The use of multimodal representation in icon interpretation, Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 62-70, ISSN: 9783642027277

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Vincs, K., Schubert, E., & Stevens, C. (2009). Measuring responses to dance:
is there a 'Egrammar' of dance? Proceedings of the World Dance Alliance Global Summit, 2008. ISSN: 1875255176.

Wachowicz, F., & Stevens, C. (2009). Recall of movement: Exploring the effects of disrupted balance on working memory of movement. Submitted to EBICC 2009 - Brazilian International Meeting of Cognitive Science (Sept 2-4 2009).

Kuratate, T., & Riley, M. (2009).  Using 3D Lip Surface and MRI Data to Help Build a Speaker-Specific Lip Models for Talking Heads, Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Dynamic Modeling of the Oral, Pharyngeal and Laryngeal Complex for Biomedical Applications, 109-114, (non-DEST)

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Creative Works

Stelarc (2009).  Conference Performance, Edinburgh International Sciences Festival

Book Reviews

Bailes, F. (2009) ŒPsychology for Musicians: Understanding and Acquiring the Skills, by Andreas C. Lehman, John A. Sloboda & Robert H. Woody¹. British Journal of Music Education, 26, 227-230. doi:10.1017/S0265051709008468