MARCS Monday Meeting (MMM) presents Robert Sazdov (MARCS Alumni, UTS)

Event Name MARCS Monday Meeting (MMM) presents Robert Sazdov (MARCS Alumni, UTS)
Start Date 19th Jun 2017 11:00am
End Date 19th Jun 2017 12:00pm
Duration 1 hour

MARCS Monday Meeting (MMM) Room 3.G.55 (Building 3).Robert Sazdov

Robert Sazdov (MARCS Alumni, UTS)

Robert will talk about his work since completing his PhD at MARCS.

Robert Sazdov is a composer, researcher, music producer, and educator. His compositions and productions have received prizes and awards from various organizations and institutions including: 'Pierre Schaeffer' Competition, Musica Nova Competition, Sonic Arts Awards, Bourges International Competition, Just Plain Folks Music Awards and the Audio Engineering Society. His music has been released by Capstone Records, Vox Novus, Accademia Musicale Pescarese, Society for Electroacoustic Music, Australasian Computer Music Association, Sonic Arts Awards and SoundLab Channel. Sazdov has undertaken residencies at the Erich-Thienhaus-Institue, Detmold University (2012) and The Sonic Lab, Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen Mary University (2007).

Robert is a member of the International Computer Music Association (ICMA), Electroacoustic Music Studies Network (EMS,) Audio Engineering Society (AES), Irish Sound, Science and Technology Association (ISSTA), and Australian Computer Music Association (ACMA), where he was on the executive committee between 2003-2007. In 2013, he co-founder and is currently the President (2014-) of the Macedonian Electroacoustic Music Association (MEMA), and was a member of the Governing Body of the Composers' Association of Macedonia (2014-15). 

Robert's current research focuses on the perception of immersive audio and formulating compositional approaches for multi-channel configurations that includes elevated loudspeakers. His research findings have been published by various bodies, including: ACMC (2006), AES (2007; 2014; 2015), CMJ (2017) EMS (2007; 2011), HCS (2005), ICMC (2009; 2011; 2013), ICSA (2011; 2015), Musiques & Recherches (2011), SAN (2007). He has been invited to present at the Psychophysics Lab – Cambridge University (2007), University of Sydney (2005), Sonic Arts Research Centre – Queens University (2007), St. Kiril and Methodius University (2007; 2012), ESRA Audio- Visual University (2009), and the Erich-Thienhaus-Institue, Detmold University (2012).