MARCS Monday Afternoon Colloquium (MAC) presents: Dr Michael Crosse

Event Name MARCS Monday Afternoon Colloquium (MAC) presents: Dr Michael Crosse
Start Date 18th Sep 2017 1:00pm
End Date 18th Sep 2017 2:30pm
Duration 1 hour and 30 minutes

Dr Michael Crosse 

Albert Einstein School of Medicine, New York

Title of Presentation: Investigating the Neurophysiology of Natural Audiovisual Speech Processing using System Identification.

Abstract/outline/overview: Seeing a speaker's face as he or she talks can greatly help in understanding what the speaker is saying, especially in adverse hearing conditions – a principle known as inverse effectiveness. This is because the speaker's facial movements relay information not only about what the speaker is saying, but also, when the speaker is saying it. Studying how the human brain exploits the temporal relationship between continuous auditory and visual speech has been made possible by advances in system identification (SI) techniques. Here, we introduce a recently established SI framework for measuring audiovisual (AV) speech integration. Using this approach, we show that neural entrainment to the speech envelope is enhanced by temporally congruent AV speech (even in noise-free environments) and that in-congruent visual stimuli can actually inhibit envelope tracking. In adverse hearing conditions, the relative gain in envelope tracking conferred by AV speech was shown to be greater than that in quiet hearing conditions, in line with the principle of inverse effectiveness. Moreover, we demonstrate that this phenomenon relies on long-term crossmodal temporal integration. Together, these studies provide new insights into natural AV speech processing and have important implications for studying impaired multisensory processing in neuro-developmental and clinical populations.


The presentation will be held in Bldg 3.G.55, Bankstown campus.Online video streaming of this seminar is available for Western Sydney University staff and students.

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