MRM & MAC - MARCS Research Meeting and MARCS Afternoon Colloquium June 1st 2021

Event Name MRM & MAC - MARCS Research Meeting and MARCS Afternoon Colloquium June 1st 2021
Start Date 1st June 2021 11:00 am
End Date 1st June 2021 1:00 pm
Duration 2 hours

Join us at the next MARCS Meeting as we host an eventful MRM and MAC program commencing with talks from Dr Shantala Mohan, Dr Mark Richards, and invited guest Associate Professor Genevieve Dingle

NOTE: Both sessions will take place via Zoom ID 839 6390 0819. Password marcs


Topic: Foreign Arrangements 
Speaker: Dr Shantala Mohan


Dr Mohan's presentation will provide a brief overview of work undertaken by the University via the Foreign Arrangements Working Group about meeting the requirements of the Foreign Arrangements Scheme (the Scheme)  and progress with implementing the ‘Guidelines to counter foreign interference in the Australian university sector’ (UFIT 2019).

Topic: Developing an app to support adult language learning in a revitalisation context 
Speaker: Dr Mark Richards


A key goal in language revitalisation is fostering independent learning by adult Indigenous community members. Drawing on the framework Mark developed with Mangarrayi people in his PhD (2020), the reference mode (Phase 1) of a new phrase-based language learning app for adults was developed (Warrma Mangarrayi ‘Listen to Mangarrayi’ co-designed by the Jilkminggan NT community (Josie Lardy, Helena Lardy, Wanirr Godden, Anna Godden), WSU (Mark Richards, Caroline Jones) and eLearn Australia (Sarah Bock)). In this presentation, Mark will discuss the rationale and design of the new learning mode (Phase 2), developed in 2021. The design reflects a synthesis of research on intentional memorisation of vocabulary in foreign language learning to best meet the specific learning context at Jilkminggan within the budget constraints. User testing led by Josie and Helena with online support from Caroline and Mark is being conducted in the next few weeks. Community members will be invited to use the app for 20 minutes a day over five days and give feedback in the form of a semi-structured interview about their experience using the app and the collaborative process.

12pm-1pm – MARCS Afternoon Colloquium

Topic: Title: Arts-Based Groups and the Promise of Social Prescribing
Speaker: Associate Professor Genevieve Dingle (University of Queensland)


It has been estimated that among patients attending GP appointments, the top 10% of patients account for 30%–50% of appointments. These frequent attending patients typically present with complex physical and mental health problems that slowly deteriorate over time. Our research shows that they often experience unmet social needs such as social isolation (Cruwys et al., 2018). Group programs in the community can meet these needs and improve the health and well-being of these individuals. I will present the results of a systematic review of studies evaluating 28 social group programs (including arts-based groups, exercise groups and others) that found effect sizes on depression in the low to extensive range (Dingle et al., 2021). I will present findings from the School of Hard Knocks / Upbeat Arts (QLD) evaluation showing that choir singing and creative writing groups produced significant improvements in participants’ mental health and wellbeing (Williams et al., 2019). Group identification was a primary mechanism for these effects, and from that flowed psychological resources, including a sense of belonging, self-efficacy, support, purpose, and emotion regulation (Dingle et al., 2017; Williams et al., 2020). I will draw together the threads of this research by describing social prescribing, a public health approach designed to overcome loneliness and chronic health conditions (Dingle & Sharman, 2021). Arts-based groups are ideally suited to form part of social prescribing programs because of the psychological benefits.

Speaker Bio: 
Genevieve has a BSc, BA (Hons), and PhD (Clin Psych) from QLD University. An AHPRA registered clinical psychologist and supervisor with over a decade of practice experience in adult mental health and addiction treatment services, she is currently an Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology at the QLD University. She convenes PSYC7291 Cognitive Behaviour Therapies for Adults, PSYC7261 Addiction Science and Practice, and PSYC4071 Team Honours Thesis. Genevieve’s research examines how groups and communities can influence adults' mental health and well-being of all ages. Much of her work is translational, including development and evaluation of the Tuned In the program (music listening based emotion regulation program for young people); Groups 4 Belonging program (addressing loneliness in people recovering from addiction); and Sharper Minds (stepped care package for monitoring and early intervention of university students' mental health). Genevieve is the Editor of the journal Behaviour Change, the QLD Representative on the Australasian Professional Society for Alcohol and Drugs (APSAD) national council, a member of the National Executive committee, Australian Music & Psychology Society (AMPS), and member of the Arts Health Network QLD (AHNQ) committee. For further details and publications, see Associate Professor Genevieve Dingle - School of Psychology - University of Queensland ( and Twitter @genevieve132.

We thank you for your continued attendance at the MRM's and look forward to seeing you again.
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