MRM & MAC - MARCS Research Meeting and MARCS Afternoon Colloquium 5th October 2021

Event Name MRM & MAC - MARCS Research Meeting and MARCS Afternoon Colloquium 5th October 2021
Start Date 5th Oct 2021 11:00 am
End Date 5th Oct 2021 1:00 pm
Duration 2 hours

Join us at the next MARCS Meeting as we host an eventful MRM and MAC program commencing with talks from MARCS PhD Candidate Daniel Frazer and guests Professor Rachel Nordlinger and Gabriela Garrido.

NOTE: Both sessions will take place via Zoom ID 839 6390 0819.

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11am-12pm - MARCS Research Meeting

Topic: Properties of Pupillometry: Developing an Indicator of Cognitive Load & Stress.
Speaker: Daniel Frazer

Does the pupil behave differently in response to different cognitive states? As part of the “Perceptual and Cognitive optimisation of visual augmented reality displays in simulated combat environments” project, I will be exploring pupil behaviour in response to a range of stimuli that induce cognitive load and stress. From the data collected, I aim to develop an indicator of cognitive load and stress. Ultimately, I plan to build a real-time predictor of mental states.

12pm-1pm – MARCS Afternoon Colloquium

Topic: Sentence planning and production in Australian free word order languages.
Professor Rachel Nordlinger and Gabriela Garrido

Natural languages exhibit significant diversity, yet psycholinguistic studies have sampled less than 1% of languages currently in use on current estimates. This talk will discuss ongoing research investigating sentence planning and production in two Australian free word order languages: Murrinhpatha (non-Pama-Nyungan) and Pitjantjatjara (Pama-Nyungan). Australian languages are well-known for their highly flexible word order. Our work asks what conditions that variability and how speaking a free word order language influences early sentence planning processes. To get at these questions, we used eye-tracking and a picture description task. We found evidence to suggest that conceptual features of referents influence speakers of Murrinhpatha and Pitjantjatjara similarly to speakers of more well-studied languages. However, their eye movements during sentence formulation offer notable differences compared to speakers of languages with fixed word orders.

We thank you for your continued attendance at the MRM's and look forward to seeing you again.
MARCS staff and students are reminded that all meetings and workshops have an important role in building and maintaining the sense of community which is central to the success of MARCS as a cooperative and energetic research institute.  Your attendance is both welcomed and expected.

The zoom ID is: 839 6390 0819

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