MARCS Research Meeting - 8th June 2021

Event Name MARCS Research Meeting - 8th June 2021
Start Date 8th June 2021 11:00 am
End Date 8th June 2021 11:00 am

Join us at the next MRM with invited speakers Dr Ying Xu as she discusses Neuromorphic Auditory System and Applications and Eline Smit to discuss her research The effect of music perception abilities on phonological encoding in cross-situational word learning.

The meeting will be held on Bankstown campus room 3.G.55 and  Werrington South campus room BA.02

The meeting will also take place via Zoom ID 839 6390 0819. Password: marcs

11am - 12pm MARCS Research Meeting

Topic: Neuromorphic Auditory System and Applications
Speaker: Dr Ying Xu

This work is driven by the ease with which humans and animals perceive sound. As the input structure of the auditory pathway, the tonotopically organised cochlea decomposes, converts, and amplifies sound waves nonlinearly into electrical signals, which stimulate the nervous system. Perceptual auditory tasks are then performed in the nervous system using these inputs and processing them with neurons. In this talk, I will present my research on hardware implementations of a cochlear model and some of the applications of Neuromorphic Auditory Systems to emulate the efficiency and robustness of the human auditory system in perceiving sound.

Topic: The effect of music perception abilities on phonological encoding in cross-situational word learning.
Speaker: Eline Smit


A growing body of literature has examined the possible benefits of music perception abilities on non-musical cognitive domains, including linguistic abilities and phonological encoding. The latter is important for learning a second language and can be tested using cross-situational word learning (CSWL) paradigms. Very little is currently known about the transfer between music perception abilities and phonological awareness in CSWL performance. Here, I will discuss the results from an experiment testing specific music perception abilities on cross-situational learning of novel words in a nonmusician adult population

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